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Ritual Altar jar candle | Day of the Dead

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La Dia De Los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is a manifestation of bridging the divide between the dead and the living. A two-day festival commonly celebrated in South and Central America, families give offerings to departed family members, while decorations of bright, colorful flowers adorn altars to loved ones.

Such a celebration is a rare demonstration of the meaning of life and death, and the universal presence within the lives of each of us. There’s no festival quite like it, and no message quite as universal.

We’ve created these candles to be used on your Day of the Dead altar, or any time you wish to honor a departed loved one. In the spirit of the spontaneity of life, designs vary with each order.

Candles have been used to honor the deceased across cultures for centuries. There’s something about the fleeting nature of the flame. It’s something which we rely on for sustenance, yet we know is temporary, like those around us.

Each candle contains a story on the back, touching on the spirit of La Día De Los Muertos, offering a reminder of the need to appreciate what and who we have now, as well as what we’ve had in the past.


  • Measures approx 6.25"
  • Keep wick trimmed for best results
  • Color of label will vary.
  • Unscented