Dragons Blood White Sage Smudge Wand

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Dragons Blood is all about love, protection, sexuality and is a masculine energy. It is said to increase the power of any spell work being done and brings in physical, spiritual and magical energies. It is a wonderful sacred space purifier and is wonderful to use when you need courage, strength and protection.

White Sage is a space cleanser, purifier and is also a masculine energy.

Our Dragons Blood White Sage smudge wand is super powerful for clearing away any negativity in a space. Because this sage has been infused with Dragons Blood resin, it really packs a punch! This is a "no messin around" sage bundle and once you try it, you'll understand why.

These two combined are like bringing a bouncer into your home to throw out all the unwanted garbage. This is the absolute perfect smudge stick to use when moving into a new home (brand new or just new to you) or if you've never smudged your home before. It's also perfect if you have just gone through or are going through a highly emotional time in your life. Those strong emotions "stick" in the space and must be cleared out to make room for positive vibes to come in.

Our wands are approx 3" long

These wands are highly flammable, so never ever leave it unattended!