Dzi Bead - As You Wish/RuYi

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This absolutely gorgeous "As You Wish" Tibetan Dzi bead(pronounced 'zee') is also known as "Buddha Top Knot", which is one of the symbols of Buddha. This Dzi grants the owner's wishes, when they are in accordance with his/her greater good. It has a built in ability to know when a "want" is not in the best interest of the owner. Brings comfort to life by dispelling hardship, burdens and trouble. 

Sometimes also referred to as RuYi, meaning "As per your wish or intention". These particular Dzi are known to be of the purest and highest energy as they are heated in the coals of a fire, while being chanted over by monks.

Look closely at the pictures and you will see what is referred to as "Naga skin" or "Dragon skin", which is the pattern in the design that resembles scales. Having this feature is quite desirable and rare and is caused by the heat of the coals.

Also included on this incredible Dzi are white markings. It is said when a Dzi bead has this feature, a dragon has left its mark on the Dzi by scratching it with its claw and leaving this area colorless.

The process of hand making Dzi beads has been kept a secret in Tibet for untold centuries. Only the highest grade materials are used, which include over a dozen types of Tibetan minerals and crystals. 

You will receive the exact piece shown in the photos which measures approx 1 7/16" L and is drilled lengthwise.