Quan Yin Dzi Bead

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This Quan Yin Dzi Bead is rare and beautiful Quan Yin is known as the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion. She is known as a bodhisattva, a Being of wisdom destined to become a Buddha. She has taken the vow of a bodhisattva to save all beings from suffering by foregoing the final state of Buddhahood.

The legend of Quan Yin says that she paused on the threshold of Heaven, as she was about to enter she heard the anguished cries of the world. Out of compassion for the suffering of others, she turned and vowed to remain and help those in need for however long it may take.

She comes as the Mother to dispel all maya (illusion) and through the flame of forgiveness, teaches us to have compassion for all and how to free ourselves from hardness of the heart.

Connecting with this bead and the essence of the Spirit within, one can find a renewed sense of harmony, purity of soul, comfort, healing and guidance.

The process of hand making Dzi beads has been kept a secret in Tibet for untold centuries. Only the highest grade materials are used, which include over a dozen types of Tibetan minerals and crystals.

You will receive the exact piece shown in the photos which measures approx 1 3/8" and is drilled lengthwise.