Universal Law Dzi Bead

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The Sun, Moon and Star dZi bead, also referred to as the Universal Law Dz Bead is said to possess the universal mystical power of these Celestial powerhouses. The symbols are seen as the embodiment of the entire universal life force. This dZi is said to assist in teaching its owner how to recognize, tap into and apply this universal life force. If we truly learn to 'flow' with this energy that is all around us, one learns to live effortlessly, always in a way that is most appropriate for our greatest well being.

This dZi bead is one of the few that have no 'eyes' as the Universal Law is complete and unto itself entirely. This is also a Fire Burial bead (noticeable by the fine 'crackles' on the crystal itself) which means it has been through the ceremony of placing it in hot coals, imbuing these properties within the bead itself.

* Dzi beads should be treated as sacred/special objects and not just jewelry or a trinket. The symbols they carry and what they represent go back thousands of years and carry all of that momentum and energy forward with them. It is recommended that one wash their hands before putting it on or taking it off, do not wear it during sexual activity and when not worn should be placed/kept in a spot designated just for it. Dzi beads can and do absorb negative energies and things that do not serve us for our personal growth, as such they become a powerful spiritual tool if treated with the proper care they deserve.

This dZi bead is drilled lengthwise and measures approx. 1 1/2"