Elephant Skin Jasper Crystal Skull

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Elephant Skin Jasper is also known as Calligraphy Script Stone, Miriam Stone and Arabic Stone and is highly magical. It is naturally made up of Hematite & fossilized shells, giving it it’s unique look. This amazing stone brings higher guidance from your guides & angels through divination and can aid in practices of automatic writing, strengthening your connection to spirit.

Meditating with this unique stone can help you to access the Akashic Records, leading to past-life recall & healing.

It connects the Solar Plexus chakra with the 3rd Eye chakra, helping you to access your hidden psychic powers.

Crystal Skulls support you on your journey of remembering who you are instead of expressing who you have been conditioned to be. When you work with a crystal skull you awaken its potential and therefore increase the power of its characteristics.

This beauty measures approx 2.2" and is the exact piece you will receive

PLEASE LOOK AT THE PICTURES CLOSELY BEFORE MAKING YOUR PURCHASE! This crystal has natural holes/fissures included and are clearly shown in the photos. This is natural for this type of stone and is not a defect!