Elestial Quartz Point - ET, No 4

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Elestial Quartz has an extremely high vibration and are known to continually bring in waves of pure spiritual energy. They are known to open the Crown Chakra, Soul Star, Divine Gateway Chakra and higher Chakras.

Although they are extremely high vibration, they always vibrate at a comfortable frequency for the user, a vibration of love and light that is always optimal for personal growth and healing.

This particular beauty is an ET Quartz: ET meaning Extra Terminations and these amazing crystals take in Universal Life Force energy from their single termination, amplify it, split it and broadcast it from the multiple terminations at its opposite end. ETs are haling crystal when large areas of unbalance need correcting. They are excellent crystals for giving strength when multiple needs all demand attention.

This amazing crystal measures approx 1 1/8" long and is the exact one you will receive.  

No 4