Full Moon Artisan Soap

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During the Full Moon, magick abounds and there is tremendous energy available to those who know how to harness it. By setting your intentions, paying close attention to your thoughts a making sure they are focused on what you wish to manifest, you are best able to tap into this energy.

Some will set up a special altar, perform a ritual and/or sit outside during this time. To prepare yourself for this, it is suggested that a ritual bath is performed. Our Full Moon soap is perfect for this.

We have created this gorgeous soap using a specific blend of essential oils, including Rosewood and Orange, that work specifically with the Full Moon energy available.

Our soap gets its rich, creamy lather from three simple natural ingredients, almond oil, coconut oil and olive oil. They will leave your skin squeaky clean and super moisturized. Our skin is our largest organ, everything we put on it, goes in it. Take care of yours today with ingredients Mother Nature intended!

Beautifully handcrafted in small batches, each bar weighs 4.5-5 oz.

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