Galangal Root

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Common Name: Galangal
Botanical Name: Alpina officinarum
Galangal root is a bitter herb that is used to promote digestion, stimulate the appetite and production of digestive fluids.

This herb has been used in both Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine since ancient times and still is. Galangal was first brought from the Asia to England and northern Europe in the 13th century by the crusaders and soon became a popular spice as well as medicine.

The Medieval mystic Hildegard of Bingen recommended the herb as a tonic for the heart, calling it “the spice of life” and said it was a gift from God meant to keep diseases at bay.

The herb is highly aromatic and has mild spicy flavor and it is used extensively in the Indonesian cuisine.
Spiritual ~
Galangal root is associated with the element of Fire and therefore is wonderful to use when focus is needed and is perfect when working on visualizing for manifestation purposes.
If worn or carried, Galanga helps to aid in psychic development, it attracts luck, and it helps to keep the wearer in good health. Putting this root in a sachet with silver helps to attract money. 

Use dried pieces and chips of this root when formulating oils and washes used for other spells.

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