Georgia Healer Quartz Crystal

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Georgia Healer Quartz is a unique quartz containing kaolinized feldspar. Kaolin clay has been used externally and internally to absorb toxins (performing the same function metaphysically) and feldspar brings in a feminine and moon goddess energy, teaching self awareness, self respect and self esteem. These properties are amplified by the quartz and have a powerful synergistic effect.

This quartz crystal is known around the Appalachian Mountains by spiritual healers and Root Workers. This beautiful and extremely rare crystal comes from a small and now built over mine in Georgia, which was one of the most unique and rare vein systems in the United States.

These crystals ranges from pure white “Ghost” quartz like this one, to black “Shadow” quartz with Manganese Oxide coating the surface. They are some of the highest vibration cystals we have worked with and their energy is absolutely beautiful.

You will receive the exact piece shown in the pictures which measures approx 1 5/8"H x 3/4"W and weighs 18grams