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Hyssop Leaves - Esoteric Aroma
Hyssop Leaves - Esoteric Aroma
Esoteric Aroma

Hyssop Leaves - 4oz, 50% OFF

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Common Name: Hyssop

Botanical Name: Hyssopus officinalis

Hyssop is known to aid in respiratory issues. Since it is an antispasmodic, it relieves spasms in the lungs and soothes coughs. This is a wonderful herb to mix with Horehound and brew as tea when you are feeling a cold and/or respiratory issue coming on.

Hyssop increases blood circulation, relieves muscle pain, is a stimulant and aids in digestion and promotes healthy skin.

Spiritual ~

Hyssop is considered a Holy Herb because it was used to cleanse sacred places. It was mentioned in the bible, stating "Purge me with Hyssop, and I shall be clean".

Hyssop is a highly protective and purifying herb and can be used throughout the home to remove negativity and to add a layer of energetic protection. It can be sprinkled on the floor and then swept up to remove negative energies and/or added to mop water to protect the home. Sprinkle across entryways to detract negativity from entering.

Hyssop contains Dragon Energy which can be tapped into by burning the herb as a smudge. 
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