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Inca Incense - Benzoin

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Our Inca Series incense look and feel different than other incense, because they are! They are highly aromatic, made with natural resins, plants and herbs and are energetically powerful. These beautiful sticks will burn up to 2 hours (depending on room conditions). Please note that these incense are quite delicate and can (and will) have breaks in the incense. This is normal and not a defect! Please also note that these incense tend to spark, so be cautious when lighting.

Benzoin Inca Incense -

Benzoin resin from the island of Sumatra in Indonesia helps to release negative or stagnant energies in the environment and promotes the strength of human mind and will.

Benzoin has been said to aid in bringing about peace of mind, good luck and to purify the home. Generally considered a protective incense against malignant forces, it can be especially useful before and during astral travel to prevent entities from attaching. There is even mention of it in a few of Nostradamus' works.

You will receive 3 (THREE) of these sticks that will burn approx 2 hours and measure approx 5" in length (including stick).