Inca Incense - Black Styrax

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Black Styrax or Storax was known in ancient Egypt as 'Miniaki' which translates as "festive fragrance". Since ancient times this incense has been used to create an environment of calm and relaxation and is also said to be an aid for insomniacs. It is burnt to protect against negativity in many magical traditions and has a sensual, loving and inspiring quality.

Black Styrax is made by boiling the bark of the storax calamitos tree, pressing it to remove the water, then using alcohol extraction to produce the pure resin. The resin is then soaked back into the charcoaled bark. It produces a warm, balsamlike, sweet, flowery, intense and slightly grassy fragrance. 

Our Inca Series incense look and feel different than other incense, because they are! They are highly aromatic, made with natural resins, plants and herbs and are energetically powerful. These beautiful sticks will burn up to 2 hours (depending on room conditions). Please note that these incense are quite delicate and can (and will) have breaks in the incense. This is normal and not a defect! Please also note that these incense tend to spark, so be cautious when lighting. 

You will receive 3 (THREE) of these sticks that will burn approx 2 hours and measure approx 5" in length (including stick).