Infinite Stone

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INFINITE STONE ~ "The Healer’s Stone”

Infinite Stone is a mixture of Serpentine and Chrysotile and has an energetic vibration far superior than any other stone in the serpentine group.

This is an Earth element stone and when you attune to its energy, you are able to experience the benefits of using the Earth's energy to conduct special healing energies, along with grounding excess spiritual energy.

The energy of Infinite Stone is gentle and angelic. It heals all areas of the self and removes negativity from the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual self. Helps you to embrace “oneness” by filling the entire body with a wonderful sense of inner peace. Provides a soothing, healing frequency that works on a cellular level to disperse crystallized energetic patterns.

Anything negativity we manifest in our bodies will be sought out and targeted by this loving, angelic energy. It is very powerful in relieving physical pain and will open the Crown Chakra.

IMPORTANT: This stone must be cleansed regularly.