Labradorite and Blue Topaz pendant - Sterling Silver

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Labradorite is a Stone of Magic, a crystal of Shamans, diviners and healers. It awakens mystical and magic abilities within the one who works with it and has a deeply felt resonance that is extremely powerful. Once you begin working with this beautiful stone you may just find synchronicities popping up in your life.

Not only is this a stone of magic, but also a very protective one as well. Its vibration protects the auric field, clears any negativity from it and seals this field from energy drains or leaks.

If you have been wondering if you have psychic abilities, this amazing stone will help you discover them. By meditating with this crystal or sleeping with it under your pillow at night, these abilities will become stronger and move from your subconscious to closer to the surface where they can be tapped into more easily.

This gorgeous Labradorite and Blue Topaz pendant measures approx 2 1/8" and is set in sterling silver