Lithium Quartz

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Our Lithium Quartz comes to us from Brazil and is stunning with its gorgeous rainbow inclusions. Lithium Quartz is the perfect crystal to use if you are under intense amounts of stress as it contains natural Lithium (a natural stress reducer).

Lithium heightens meditation allowing you to journey deep within yourself, to access Spiritual Realms and to make strong connections with the "other" side.

When holding this crystal, you may feel heat in your hand along with a pulsing sensation. This pulsing will travel through your hand, up your arm and into your Heart chakra. A sense of complete and utter relaxation will wash over your entire body and this amazing stone begins to go to work on you. 

This beauty has Rainbow inclusions which help to activate and balance all chakras.

Measures approx 1 1/2" tall x 1" diameter