Morion Smoky Quartz - Natural, 50g

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Morion Quartz is a very rare black quartz that is a sister to Smoky Quartz. Formed through natural radiation as the earth heats up, the coloring can range from translucent grey to opaque black. Morion crystals have a strong connection to the earth star and base chakras and so have a strong grounding energy that can help you stay connected to Mother Earth. 

"Morions" were a type of helmet used around the time of the Conquistadors, which speaks to the stone's protective and shielding qualities. They are useful in shadow work, helping the wearer to face the dark aspects of self and to release obstacles. They are grounding and aid in coping with grief. Morion Quartz can be used to bring connection with the "darker" faces of the deity, such as the Crone and Hunter archetypes.

This beautiful crystal helps to gently heal emotional issues and overcome issues of trust. While it is a grounding stone, because it is Quartz, it is also a high vibration stone as well.

This is the exact piece you will receive that measures approx 2" x 1 1/2" x 3/4" and weighs 50g