Moroccan Red Quartz Crystal

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Moroccan Red Quartz is an amazing new find from a very small pocket mine and has intense metaphysical properties. While much of the red found on crystals today is purely surface coloration, the coloring on this specific crystal is an integral part of the quartz matrix itself. This gorgeous red color comes from Hematite and when held to the light, the color just seems to deepen and darken, like a glowing fire within.

This is an amazing grounding crystal that aids in opening and activating the Root or Base Chakra. This is the foundation chakra and connects you deeply with Mother Earth.

It is still considered a ‘high vibration crystal’ but its intensity is very manageable and can assist in laser focus and concentration for meditation and spellwork/manifestation.

If you find that you are "spacey" throughout the day, this is absolutely the crystal for you! This crystal will help to settle you and ground your excessive energies. 

This crystal is highly protective and seals your aura from any unwanted energies. This makes it a wonderful companion to use during astral travel.

This is the exact piece you will receive which measures approx 3" x 1 1/2" x 1" and weighs 103g.