Moroccan Rose Buds - Dried flowers, herbal magic

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We are so thrilled to be listing these absolutely gorgeous Moroccan Rose Buds! They smell out of this world, have so many uses and are so magical.

Dried roses are used in witchcraft to honor the Goddess and when Drawing Down the Moon. They are also used in the bath, to create an atmosphere of sensuality and beauty. They can be added to any loose smudge (white sage, cedar etc) and burned to attract positive energy in the home. Place dried rose buds in a sachet and put under your pillow. It is said to attract lucid and prophetic dreams. Place in the Goddess section of an altar as an offering... although, I sprinkle them all over my altar. I just love them so much!

The possibilities for this herb is endless. Be creative and have fun with this beautiful flower.

This listing is for 1oz of lovely dried roses (they are extremely light, so this is a fairly large amount)