Mother Earth Crystal Set

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Earth Day is April 22 and our Mother Earth crystal set is the perfect way to honor Gaia. This set includes one of each of the following beautiful crystals: Aragonite, Aqua Obsidian, Chiastolite and Rainforest Jasper. Create a lovely grid using crystals, flowers, leaves and branches.

Metaphysical properties of:

Aragonite - This stone resonates with the root and earth chakras which helps you to feel grounded to Mother Earth. It is perfect to put in your pocket before heading out the door for work! A beautiful stone to create an Earth energy grid with. Mother Gaia needs all the help she can get right now, and this stone is a lovely way to focus and direct healing energy to our planet.

Aqua Obsidian - This is a beautiful crystal to use during meditation to call upon the energies of the Divine Feminine. It holds an air of mystery and can be useful when calling upon Ancestral Spirits.

Chiastolite - The vibration of this stone is strong, friendly, nurturing and grounding. Because of its ability to transmute negative energy into positive, it is wonderful to have within your Auric Field throughout the day. Not only will you be protected from other people's negative juju... you'll be radiating good juju at all that come in contact with you!

Rainforest Jasper - An incredibly strong Mother Earth crystal, this beautiful crystal is all about happiness. Holding it and meditating with it, will open you up to the wonderful joy that is around you all the time. Once you begin to become aware of this happiness vibration, you will begin attracting more and more of it. Like attracts like! You will find that cheerful people are drawn to you for no reason (but you'll know the reason!).

Each set comes in an organza bag and makes a beautiful Earth Day gift!