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Mugwort incense sticks

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Our Mugwort incense sticks are earthy and grounding and highly magickal! In the Middle Ages, Mugwort was connected with St. John the Baptist, who was said to have worn a belt of the herb during his time in the wilderness. St. John's Herb, as the plant became known, had the power to drive out demons, and sprays of the herbs were worn around the head on St. John's Eve as a protection against possession by evil forces. 

In China, bunches of Mugwort were hung in the home during the Dragon Festival to keep away evil spirits. The Ainus of Japan burn bunches to exorcise spirits of disease, who are thought to hate the odor. Planted along roadsides by the Romans, who put sprigs in their shoes to prevent aching feet on long journeys.

Spiritual ~

Carry to ward against wild beasts, poison, and stroke. Prevents elves and other evil things from entering houses. Said to cure madness and aid in astral projection.

A pillow stuffed with Mugwort and slept upon will produce prophetic dreams. Mugwort is burned during scrying rituals, and a Mugwort-and-honey infusion is drunk before divination. The infusion is also used to wash crystal balls and magic mirrors, and Mugwort leaves are placed around the base of the ball, or beneath it, to aid in psychic workings.


  • 15g (8-10 sticks)

Customer Reviews

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Great product

Great quality, and the smell of mugwort is so delicious!

Brad Stubbe
Smells heavenly

Smells heavenly! Super happy with the mugwort incense. I’ve tried mugwort from other sources and this is the only one that I really like.

Amanda Collins
My favorite of all time

Your mugwort incense is my favorite of all time. Thank you for making such a quality product.


I'm disheartened by what most people think is good incense. Nag Champa? Please.
Nepal. Bhutan. Real incense. This Mugwort, Holy Basil, Shatavari and Nagarmotha are absolutely amazing. Natural, earthy and authentic.
So very well done!
Customer for life.

Perfect incense! A bit sweeter aroma than I expected, which...

Perfect incense! A bit sweeter aroma than I expected, which is not a complaint. The blending is wonderful!