Muzquiz Fluorite Specimen Crystal

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This beautiful crystal resonates with the Violet Flame energies in Reiki Healing, cleanses the auric field and clears and aligns all Chakras. 

This deep, dark Fluorite has the most beautiful violet to blue coloring and is just stunning. This particular Fluorite comes from Muzquiz, Coahila, Mexico and is some of the most beautiful Fluorite available today.

Fluorite is a highly protective crystal that is said to absorb negative energy and helps stabilize emotions. Highly prized in the psychic community for its ability to increase intuition and aid in opening the 3rd eye linking the mind to the Collective Consciousness and helping one to develop clearer communication with Spirit.

This gorgeous specimen measures 3 1/2"L x 2"W x 1"H and weighs 171g