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Natural Axinite

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Weight: 46g

The uncommon crystal structure of Axinite possesses a unique trait called as pleochroism. Stones having this property exhibit a kaleidoscope of colors when viewed from different angles depending upon the intensity of light. Axinite is one of those few gemstones which possess this quality.

Axinite stimulates the Root (survival and Kundalini energies) and Third Eye (intuition) chakras. It provides a solid foundation from which to explore your spiritual self, grounding your physical energies while expanding your soul consciousness.

It opens communion with both the Akashic and past life energies assisting you to fully explore your soul and life purpose.

Axinite is an excellent meditative tool, calming the monkey mind and easing in the meditative state of consciousness. Axinite helps you explore the possibilities of astral travel, while assisting in recall of travel 'memories'.

When working with this lovely crystal, the energy of Mother Earth can be tapped into and directed up through the Earth Star chakra into the feet to the spine and through all chakras (healing everything in its path). This allows for additional energy to be absorbed into the physical body which then brings in vitality, endurance and stamina.


  • You will receive 1 (ONE) stone
  • Some matrix may be present

Choose from (all measurements are approximate):

46g - approx 2" x 1 3/8"
42g - 1.75" x 1.5"
31g - 1 7/16" x 1.25"
29g - 1.5" x 1.25"
22g - 1.25" x 1.25"
19g - 1.25" x 1"
10g - 1" x 7/8"
9g - 1" x 7/8"

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Natural axinite stone is awesome

Very pleased with the Natural Axinite stone and looking forward to meditating with it, highly recommend Esoteric Aroma for all your metaphysical needs.