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This incense mix is traditionally used by the Quechua people of the Cusco region of Peru in the ritual Q'apaq Kapachi. This is a ceremony for purification and honoring of the Apus (Lord/God). It is comprised of a mixture of Palo Santo, lavender, anise, quinoa, grageas, (small round colored sugar sprinkles), copal, Wiraqoya and other sacred herbs and aromatic plants. It is also used for bringing luck and good fortune in many areas of life: work, love, and health.

The scent is slightly earthy and deep with the wonderful woodsy scent Palo Santo is known for. This beautiful and sacred blend leaves your space feeling energetically cleansed and purified.

This listing is for 1oz of this sacred blend which can be burned in a heat proof vessel (just as you would loose sage), can be blended with White Sage and burned or place a small amount on a hot charcoal disc (these are available on our site) and burned as an incense.