Peace Jasper Crystal Skull

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This Peace Jasper Crystal Skull has one of the most calming, nurturing and peaceful vibrations we've ever felt and is so very beautiful with its sage green, cream and lavender coloring.

Jasper is an elemental Earth stone with a frequency that is slow and constant, aligned with the electromagnetic energies of the planet. It enables you to be more present in the physical body and conscious of Nature and your surroundings. It encourages you to celebrate moments of isolation to absorb, reflect, and connect with these energies and awakens the awareness of the spiritual connection we hold with all living things.

Known as the Supreme Nurturer, Jasper is a stone of grounding and stability, providing comfort and security, strength and healing. Its presence balances the aura to a level of wholeness and peace, and acts as a reminder that you are not here on the physical plane simply for yourself, but to bring joy and substance to others.

Historically, Jasper is traceable to all ancient peoples and civilizations. Worn by shamans, priests and kings, it was considered sacred and a powerful protection stone, for both the physical world and in the spiritual realm. Amulets of Jasper were carved by the Egyptians with symbols and inscriptions from the Book of the Dead and buried with mummified remains for safe passage in the afterlife. It was highly utilized in many cultures for engraving cylinder seals, signet rings, and special talismans depicting astrological and religious images. It was the twelfth stone in the Breastplate of the Jewish High Priest, and the apostle Peter was supposed to have derived his name from Jasper, the rock upon which Christ would build his church. To the medieval world and the Native Americans, Jasper was the rain bringer and highly regarded as a stone for dowsing.

You will receive the exact piece shown that measures 5.1" and weighs 3.5 pounds.