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Petalite is an extremely high vibration crystal that helps to develop a strong connection to the Spirit Realm. It is an incredibly protective stone as it does not allow negativity to remain in its vicinity. This beautiful crystal opens and activates the Crown chakra, opens the pathway to Christ Consciousness and aids in contacting those in the Angelic Realm.

It is said that Petalite is unsurpassed in dispelling stress, depression and anxiety. Having this lovely crystal within your Auric Field helps one to remain calm in any situation.

Clear Petalite dissolves and protects against negative energies, removes psychic implants and negative karma. This is a Shamanic stone and is perfect to hold during Astral Travel or Vision Quests for safe journeying.

Each of our pieces are naturally shaped and are clear - opaque white in color

11g - measures approx 1-1 1/4"L
8-9g - measures approx 1-1 1/4"L
6-7g - measures approx 1"L
4-5g - measures approx 3/4-1"L
3g - measures approx 1/2-3/4"L