Prosperity Sacred Smudge Blend

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Our exclusive Prosperity Smudge Blend is a powerful space cleanser, purifier and energetic balancer. It is a powerful combination of holy and sacred herbs and woods used to cleanse and clear your space, yourself and sacred objects.

We have spent countless hours researching and perfecting this unique blend of flora from around the world bridging cultures and continents, intentioned to not only cleanse, but to invite and invoke the highest and purest energies. 

It can be used as you would smudge typically, in an abalone shell or other fire proof vessel, or by placing a small amount at a time on a charcoal disc, both of which you can find here in our shop.

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1 oz smudge blend only
1oz smudge blend with 10pack of charcoals $4.00 extra

Blend includes: White Sage, Chamomile flowers, Bay leaves, Tulsi (Holy Basil)