Organic Raspberry Leaf

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Raspberry Leaf tea is naturally high in magnesium, iron, potassium as well as B, C, and E vitamins which are helpful to the immune system. It is also a wonderful detoxifier and has been used for centuries for everything from morning sickness to leg cramps. It was used by Native Americans as a uterine tonic for thousands of years and can bring comfort during heavy periods and balance PMS symptoms.

Incredibly helpful for men as well as it can detoxify the estrogen found in so many foods today and may even help testosterone levels. It is also a wonderful choice for children as it has no caffeine and is far better than the sugar laden drinks on the market today.

This magic herb has connections to motherhood dating back to antiquity. In ancient Greek mythology, the nursemaid to Zeus pricked her finger on the thorns of the raspberry, and her blood dyed the berries red.

Raspberry leaves are among the most pleasant-tasting of all the herbal remedies, with a taste much like black tea, without the caffeine.