Rhodonite Tumbled Crystal - 2 pcs

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Rhodonite is a stone of grace and elegance and is a very strong Heart Chakra crystal that holds the vibration of unconditional love, forgiveness and emotional balancing.

Using this beautiful crystal during meditation may help you to remember your soul's purpose here. If you find you intuition seems to be blocked or letting you down when you need it the most, use a Rhodonite to clear your psychic centers. This can be done by simply wearing this gemstone, carrying it in your pocket, or the fastest method is through intention by meditating while having it placed on the 4 top most chakras and allowing the energies to cleanse and activate them (heart, throat, 3rd eye and crown).

The color ranges in Rhodonite from mostly all black to black/brown/pink to black/pink to mostly all pink.

This listing is for 2 of these beautiful gemstones that measure approx 1". Your crystals will be chosen from the ones shown in the photos.