Rhyolite / Rainforest Jasper - Tumbled Stone

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Rhyolite, or Rainforest Jasper has a beautiful energy and is an incredibly strong Mother Earth crystal. It promotes growth, regeneration and connection with the natural world. Not a true Jasper, it is an igneous or volcanic rock and carries the energy from its initial creation. Rhyolite actually has a rather high vibration due to its quartz content and is a wonderful choice for making contact and working with animal totems, spirit guides and is a very strong Heart Chakra crystal.

We love making crystal grids, and this is one of the stones we use in our Earth grid. Gaia needs our help more than ever and along with reusing, recycling and re-purposing, we send Reiki energy and focus crystal grids specifically for healing our Mother.

These gorgeous crystals measure approx. 1" and you will receive one piece.