Rose of Jericho - Resurrection Plant, Jericho Flower

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This is a magical plant that has been used for ages in magical workings and many faiths believe in the power of it. The Rose of Jericho is also called Jericho Flower, Jericho Root, Resurrection Plant and many other names. This beautiful plant is all about New Beginnings, Love, Abundance & Resurrection. We feel that every home would benefit from one of these!

Holy Land pilgrims consider The Rose of Jericho a Holy Relic and some plants are kept in the family for generations.

Considered a prosperity charm and is used at a place of business or in a home to bring in abundance and wealth.

Directions for use:
Place dried out plant in a glass bowl with a small amount of water. It is important that only a small amount of water is used or the plant will turn moldy. Change the water once a week (you can use the "old" water to bless yourself, your home or anything else that needs blessing). Allow the plant to completely dry out occasionally.

Most plants on the market are very small (around 2"), our plants measure approx 5" dried and may double that size when fully opened.