Rosebuds - Whole, Dried

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There are so many uses for these beautiful flowers! A wonderful addition to any herbal tea, sprinkle a few in the bath, put a few in an organza bag and place under your pillow or add some to your white sage and use as a smudging blend.

Rose Buds are a symbol of love, romance and sexual attraction and are used to draw good fortune in matters of the heart. 

Many Native American tribes have used roses for various remedies including feminine issues.

This beautiful flower has been part of Chinese medicine for more than 5,000 years. Many benefits are recorded, including easing depression, soothes the nerves, benefits circulation and reduces indigestion.

Our herbs are packed with the utmost of care and handled in a sanitary environment. 
You will receive 1oz (or more, depending on size chosen at checkout) of Rose Buds which will come in a zip bag or a kraft paper bag.