Rosemary Pure Essential Oil

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Rosemary pure essential oil is used in aromatherapy to help the mind focus, giving one energy, clarity and understanding. It is widely used for protection and purification of ritual objects and sacred space. A drop under your pillow as an aid for prophetic dream work or night journeys.

With Spring around the corner, a little energetic cleansing is always wonderful. A few drops in a mop bucket or a rag to wipe down and you will notice that even a room full of furniture will feel empty as if it were completely bare as all the old energies are stripped away. This is the new opportunity to re-fill it with Love, Light and whatever makes you happy.

It smells wonderful, has antiseptic properties and celebrates the Divine Feminine. An old saying goes - “Where Rosemary flourishes, the Woman rules”.

This is a 1oz/30ml bottle with an orifice reducer cap.

*If using on the skin, a carrier oil should be added first