Rosemary-Lemongrass Pure Essential Oil Candle

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This is my most popular blended candle, and once you smell it you will agree! Lemongrass is a mouthwatering, lemony citrus scent. Rosemary is fresh and herbaceous. The two together create a bright fresh clean scent that is simply perfect.

This pure essential oil blend is both uplifting and grounding and makes any room comfortable and inviting.

Rosemary is known for its purification properties and Lemongrass is said to increase intuition and bring in positive spirits. A beautiful choice for energetic cleansing.

Each candle is handcrafted in my workshop, by me. Individually made and poured at the time of purchase, to ensure the freshest and most fragrant soy candle available.

Only kosher soy wax is used - Soy is biodegradable, clean burning and ecofriendly

Pure cotton wicks - Absolutely no lead here! These wicks are self trimming, which means no black soot and no need to trim them

Burn time for this 8oz candle is between 50-60 hrs, depending on room conditions