Sage Shell and Palo Santo Kit

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This 5" Abalone Shell, 4" White Sage Wand and 2 Palo Santo sticks set is the perfect started set cleanse and clear your Sacred Space and/or crystal collection.

Burning sage (smudging) is an important part of energetic house clearing. Practiced by Native Americans and Shamans for centuries to clear negative energy from spaces, objects and people. One of the most sacred ceremonial plants to seek blessings and encourage protection.

Palo Santo, also known as Holy Wood, is a mystical wood from South America. Because it is considered sacred, only the fallen branches are harvested, no trees are ever cut down. It is related to Frankincense, Myrrh and Copal. This wood is burned just as you would with White Sage, Cedar and/or Lavender. It has a beautiful, light scent and is less "smoky" than sages.

*Caution - Never leave lit Sage or Palo Santo unattended.