Septarian Geode

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Septarian has strong shamanic energy and helps one focus on all things Mother Earth. Septarian has strong Devic connections and is very good for working with when in your garden or for connecting with nature forces when in the wilderness. Sometimes called Dragonstones, relating to the way that these stones resonate strongly with the Earth's energy.

Septarian energy will strengthen and enlighten the Spirit, as they enhance your ability to first recognize, then connect to higher truths. The unique energy of these unusual stones may also enhance your psychic powers, as well as helping clairvoyants to see the truth, spiritually.

Septarian are strong healing stones, and are particularly helpful for self-healing.

Septarian stimulates the base chakra (Root Chakra) allowing one to feel rooted in the physical body. It facilitates the alignment of the auric bodies, chakras and meridians and provides energetic protection at the physical, emotional and etheric levels.

Septarian is said to be a teacher and an ally for study, promoting deep appreciation of the creative forces of nature.

You will receive the exact piece shown which is one of the most beautiful specimens we've seen. The velvety chocolate colored interior is gorgeous and sparkles when put in sunlight.

Measures approx 6" x 4" x 4" and weighs 4lbs 12oz (it is heavy!)