Shiva Lingam stone

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Shiva Lingam crystals help to balance the Yin & Yang (feminine&masculine) energies. The shape of it itself is both the feminine(egg) and masculine(phallic) symbol. This shape allows for a very unified vibration when doing energy work or meditating. The vibration and energy of the Shiva is beneficial to the entire Chakra system, and helps promote harmony, tranquility, and surrender of the ego within while allowing one to connect with our higher consciousness. 

Shivas only come from one place - the Narmada River in India and are gathered once a year in a special ceremony. Each is polished by hand and lightly coated in ghee butter, making every Shiva Lingam a very special and sacred piece.

This Shiva Lingam is approx. 4 1/2" long

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