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Shungite Merkaba - Esoteric Aroma
Shungite Merkaba - Esoteric Aroma
Esoteric Aroma

Shungite Merkaba | EMF Protection

$ 21.00

Shungite is a stone of transformation with a huge list of amazing benefits, and because of its nature and composition, Shungite is unlike any other stone on the planet. Shungite is composed of mostly carbon which are the building blocks of life. Shungite is known for its incredible healing and protection properties, including boosting energy, balancing the mind and emotions, protecting from harmful EMFs, detoxification and purification of the body. This is a powerful protection stone, which is why it is perfect to use during meditation.

The word Merkaba is actually composed of three separate words: Mer, which means light, Ka, which means spirit and Ba, which means Body. Put together, these three words describe the union of the spirit with the body, surrounded by light. The symbol, which takes the shape of a star, is believed to be a divine vehicle made entirely of light and designed to transport or connect the spirit and body to higher realms.

You will receive 1 (ONE) Shungite Merkaba that measures approx 1 1/2"

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