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Shungite polished palmstone

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Shungite is a powerful ancient healing stone that is said to be almost pure carbon (the building block of Life), found in the Karelia region of Russia. It is an incredibly powerful protection tool, especially useful in protection from EMFs as well as psychic protection.

Shungite is aligned with the Earth Star Chakra and the Root Chakra which makes it an incredibly grounding stone. It is an incredibly powerful crystal to use for connecting with the Devic Realm, Ancient Wisdom/Knowledge and Gaia on the deepest levels. It is one of the oldest elements on the planet, estimated to be around 2 billion years old.

Shungite also contains what is known as ‘fullerenes’, these are carbon atoms arranged in a ball or sphere shape as well as tube shapes known as nano-tubes, these are so unique it won the discoverers a Nobel prize and is still the center of much study today for its unusual properties not found anywhere else.


  • Measures approx 1.5"
  • Please note: These pieces may have natural bumps, nicks and/or scratches