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Shungite Sakkarra pyramid | 100mm

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This Shungite Sakkarra pyramid is no ordinary pyramid! It is designed in what is called a "step pyramid" style, which makes it an energetic powerhouse.

The Sakkarra pyramid (also known as the Joker pyramid, Saccara Pyramid and Saqqara Pyramid) is one of the oldest pyramids on earth and is rumored to have been created by the Atlantean civilization. The very shape of the pyramid is an amplified-receiver or resonator of various kinds of energy fields, i.e. electro-magnetic waves, cosmic rays, electrical discharges, gravitational waves, etc., surrounding our planet and which are in the air around and within the pyramid. Inside the pyramid the received energies, interact with one another.

A pyramid also creates a spherical field like a 3D globe of harmonic vibrations – where the wave patterns are synchronous and rhythmic – around itself. Everything within that field will move towards the harmony. Pyramid energy is a life-giving force called bio-cosmic energy, which allows for the pyramid to become a kind of cosmic antenna that tunes into vast energy sources, receives the energy and changes itself into a magnetic field.

Shungite is a powerful ancient healing stone that is said to be almost pure carbon (the building block of Life), found in the Karelia region of Russia. It is an incredibly powerful protection tool, especially useful in protection from EMFs as well as psychic protection.


  • Measures approx 4" x 3"