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Smoky Elestial quartz crystal | 434g

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Elestial Quartz is believed to only come into your life when it is meant to; when you are ready for the crystal and can handle its energy. When it does come into your life, it will provide loving guidance from your angels and the spiritual realm.

This is a super high vibration crystal that connects all chakras and allows one's energy field to be brought into balance. It helps you to connect with your soul's energy to help in understanding what your soul path is. It helps you to connect to the higher dimensions and gives access to Spiritual knowledge and insight.

The energy of this crystal is so loving and calm and to be in its energy is absolutely divine. Meditating with an Elestial will take you to the higher levels of the angelic realm, while bringing balance to the polarities and showing you where changes should be made. It helps to remove blockages and fear, providing comfort to emotional overburdens, and bringing clarity to confusion.

A wonderful stone to have with all the changes we've all been going through as a Collective! This crystal can help you to understand and dissolve karmic issues at a comfortable level for your spiritual growth. They are an amazing catalyst for change, and are a great stone to always have nearby.

You will receive the exact pieces that measures approx 4 1/2" x 3 1/2" x 2" and weighs 434g