Smoky Quartz - 4 pcs, Tumbled crystal

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Many of those that are just learning about energy, chakras, healing, psychic abilities and protecting themselves would do well to use this crystal. It is incredibly easy to become ungrounded during this time and this beautiful crystal helps to keep one from "floating" away!

Smoky Quartz is known to be a very protective crystal and is perfect for keeping us within our own auric field. This allows us to remain grounded, even in the most stressful situations. Smoky Quartz can protect the user from negativity, while transmuting this energy by grounding it and sending it into the earth.

This is the perfect crystal to keep in your pocket throughout the day or use in a crystal grid. This is a hard working stone, so be sure to cleanse it often!

Smoky Quartz can range in color from almost clear to almost black. Ours are a mixture of both colors and measure approx 3/4" - 1".

This listing is for 4 pcs of this wonderful crystal - 2 darker and 2 lighter