Stellar Beam Calcite

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Stellar Beam Calcite is also called Dogtooth Calcite, due to its shape. These stones are commonly double terminated, many with long sharp points on them, and they can occur in size from tiny crystals all over other types of crystals or as singular pieces.

The meaning of the name Stellar Beam Calcite relates to the way it is said to be able to be utilized to make a connection with extra-terrestrial beings, due to the powerful beam of energy it puts out.

Stellar Beam Calcite is a high vibration crystal that has a quite beautiful energy. This crystal may be classified as an ascension stone, as its vibration has a strong spiritual nature that helps you to make a deeper connection with the Divine.

Its energy is calming and when you use it in meditation you may find that you slip into a state of immense peace and harmony. This commonly creates a situation where you enjoy a truly beneficial session.

This crystal is very stimulating to the third eye and crown chakras and aligns with higher chakras in the etheric body making it possible to slip into higher realms of consciousness.  They stimulate remembrance of the pre birth state of full immersion in spirit and they assist in the recollection of past lives. In addition, they can facilitate travel to the Akashic Records as well as other non physical archives of past knowledge and information.  (from ‘The Book of Stones’)

The red coloring present in this crystal is due to the inclusion of Hematite. Red Calcite increases your energy, uplifts emotions, increases willpower and opens and heals the base and heart chakras. It removes stagnant energy and dissolves blockages. Red calcite removes fear and gently brings understanding of the source.

This special piece measures approx 1 3/4"l x 1 7/8"w