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Sunset Jasper semi polished gemstone

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Sunset Jasper is also known as Desert Jasper and is known to invigorate the mind and stimulate natural creativity. Working with Sunset Jasper brings in a strong tie to Mother Nature and the ethereal powers of the Universe. It is a gemstone to use when you want to stimulate your Shamanic ties, promote lucid dreams & encourage pathways to enlightenment.

Those that live in a busy city would do well to have a piece of Jasper in their home. It calms the energy and brings in the grounding feeling of nature.

This stone is believed to bring good fortune and stabilize one's own personal energy with help in grounding oneself. It is also believed to be a crystal of gentleness, relaxation and contentment. It is said to help with compassion and nurturing, helping to enhance tranquility, comfort and healing.

This piece is polished on one side and has been left raw on the backside. The beautiful golden color along with the soft brown and rustic red hues make a beautiful addition to any Sacred Space.

You will receive the exact piece shown that measures approx 4 1/2"h x 5"w x 2"d.
Stand is included