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The Living Wheel Astrology Cards

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The Living Wheel Astrology deck is the perfect tool for self-understanding in a crazy modern world.

Taking a step back, these cards focus on the movements of astrological bodies, allowing us to explore our individual relationship with each. Through a deeper understanding of the sun, moon and other constellations, we believe one can become more in touch with themselves, thereby becoming more confident in orienting themselves properly in the world, according to a divine movement.

A unique deck for people of all experience levels, this is the ideal deck whether you’re beginning a journey to understanding yourself in the universe or looking for new tools and perspectives. The perfect divination or study tool.

Each deck includes 55 cards for 11 planetary bodies, 12 moons, 12 star signs, 12 houses and 8 seasonal cards, along with a keyword booklet. 

Not only are these cards effective in what they do, they’re also aesthetically pleasing. With each planetary body, constellation, moon and star sign designed specifically for our deck, printed on a moody contrasting background with a watercolor inspired accent.

Our deck has been designed with you in mind.