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Tingsha Tibetan Chime

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One of the most common uses of Tingsha chimes is a practice known as space clearing. Commonly associated with the Chinese practice of feng shui, space clearing is a practice used to remove emotional baggage from an area. The theory is that everything from normal daily living to major emotional upheavals creates a sort of energetic residue in a room or space. Space clearing, which one can accomplish in a number of ways, clears out that residue to create an emotionally neutral space.

While some may use sage to smudge the space to clear it, Tingshas provide the same results without the smoke. Simply move through the space with the chimes sounding them slowly. Work your way around the room, taking care to reach all four corners as the clear tone dispels any residual emotional energy.

These are wonderful to check in with yourself and see if any of your chakra centers may be in need of some attention. Starting at the base or Root chakra, chime the Tingsha once and listen for a clear tone. Work your way upwards to your Crown chakra, checking in at each energy center. If the tone is not clear at a certain chakra, this center may be blocked. Stay in this area and continue to ring the chimes until the tone becomes clear.


  • Made in Nepal
  • Measure approx 3" diameter
  • Choose from 8 Auspicious Symbols or Dragon design