Tourmalinated Quartz/Tourmalated Quartz

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Tourmalinated Quartz or Tourmalated Quartz is Clear Quartz with inclusions of Black Tourmaline. This is an extremely powerful crystal for clearing out all negativity and then creating a bubble of light around the body to deflect any from re-entering. A wonderful crystal to use to aid in out of body experiences and astral travel.
This is a highly protective crystal and is especially good at blocking psychic attacks.

Tourmalinated Quartz works with the higher chakras as well as the lower chakras, which makes it incredibly balancing to the physical body as well as to the light body.

Tourmalinated Quartz is a premier metaphysical crystal to work with and carry. Having the properties of Black Tourmaline, it dispels negative energies as well as offering grounding and psychic protection. These are amplified by the Quartz making it an excellent shield-stone.

This listing is for 1 stone which measures approx. 3/4" to 1"