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Triple Moon Cast Iron Cauldron

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Our Triple Moon Cast Iron Cauldron is the perfect addition to your altar, has so many uses and is a staple in any Wiccan home.  

  • Water Scrying - Fill your cauldron with water and add a few drops of black ink. This creates the perfect surface for scrying.
  • Fire Scrying - Add pieces of twigs, sticks, leaves, grasses, herbs to make the perfect mini bonfire. Please use caution when working with fire.
  • Oil Burner - Cast Iron Cauldrons are wonderful for burning essential oils. Place a tealight under the cauldron and add a bit of water and your favorite oils.
  • Incense burner - Add a bit of sand to the bottom and place an incense cone on top or, use a charcoal disc and add some powdered incense or resin to it.
  • Rainwater - This is the perfect vessel to leave outside during a rain shower to collect that precious rainwater!
  • Smudging/Energetic Cleansing - Add White Sage leaves, bay leaves, Mugwort, Wormwood... and any other herb you would like, to cleanse and clear your Sacred Space.

This beautiful cauldron measures 3" high x 2 3/4" wide, sits on 3 legs and weighs almost 2 pounds.