Universal Love Gemstone Bracelet

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Our Universal Love Gemstone Bracelet is a one of kind creation, intuitively designed and created by us. This beautiful bracelet features Rose Quartz crystal beads. This crystal holds the vibration of Universal love, harmony, healing and profoundly deep inner peace.

This bracelet pairs perfectly with our Chohua Jasper Gemstone bracelet found here.

All of our bracelets are adjustable, which is wonderful if you want it a little loose one day or little tighter the next! To measure your wrist, take a piece of string/yarn and wrap it around your wrist. It should lay where you would like your bracelet to lay and be loose enough for you to be comfortable. Mark the string and measure with a ruler. This is your bracelet size. 

You will receive the exact piece shown which includes:

6mm Rose Quartz crystal beads

6mm natural Rosewood wood beads

7mm Antique Copper Casbah beads

6mm Red/Bronze czech glass beads

Bracelet measures approx 6.25" when closed and 10" when open all the way.

Tassels measure approx 2.25" long