Uva Ursi Leaf - Kinnikinnik, Bearberry

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This holy herb is used in sacred pipe mixtures. Native American people use Kinnikinnik (Uva Ursi Leaf) in the offering of prayer to the Creator as well as offering it to the fire so that the smoke can lift the prayers to the Creator. 

Kinnikinnik may be carried in a medicine bag and used as a means of thanking our Creator for his gifts. Also called Bearberry, Bear Berry, Arctostaphylos uva ursi, kinnick kinnick, and kinnick-kinnick.

Using Uva Ursi as a tea is said to increase psychic powers, enhance awareness and clear blockages.

This is 1 ounce in a zip bag.

*As with all herbs, please do your research before purchasing this item. Esoteric Aroma makes no claims as to the outcome of this or any of our metaphysical items. We are obligated to state that you should consult your doctor before using any herb.